Which is the best innovations made in Barbie doll business?The best innovation made in the barbie doll business and it would be useful to me if I get brief explanation about the innovation made in...

Which is the best innovations made in Barbie doll business?

The best innovation made in the barbie doll business and it would be useful to me if I get brief explanation about the innovation made in the Barbie doll business.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There have been many innovations to the Barbie doll.  I would say that in the last 20 years the most profound innovation has been the development of Barbie as something seeking to be broadened into different cultures.  For so long, Barbie was seen as something intended to represent the Caucasian cultural majority.  It has only been in the last two decades or so that an active reach by the Mattel Corporation has been waged to make Barbie more marketable to other part so the world.  For example, the Barbie of color has been able to be appropriated by African- Americans, Hispanic, and Indian cultures, to name a few.  I consider this an innovation because the corporation understood that a globalized version of Barbie where different races and ethnic groups can have their own stereotyped view of beauty could result in greater profit.  Whatever might be argued about this, the idea of expanding the global reach of Barbie can be seen as an innovation of business practice and ideology.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the best innovations of the barbie doll was making Barbie multi-cultural. Barbie comes in many different ethnicities so almost anyone of any color can buy a Barbie just like them. This is also very important because this concept introduces young girls to ethnicities other than their own as well.

Barbies are also different in other ways as well. An example is Barbie that is in a wheel chair. She can do anything that she wants to do. The wheelchair does not hold her back. This teaches young girls that it is okay to be different.

Another great innovation of the barbie doll has been careers. Years ago Barbie was a housewife. Now days, Barbie can be a doctor or an astronaut.

krishna-agrawala | Student

While the continued popularity of Barbie Dolls and the business succes of the company marketing these dolls for more than half a century is a well known. A lot has been written about the history of evolution of different designs of the Barbie Dolls and the accessories to go with the doll. However not much management literature ezists on the management methods of and business strategy of barbie doll business. Therfore I rely on what can be inferred from general information available rather than specific knowledge of business methods and strategires.

Of course, the basic ingredient in the success of the Barbie doll business has been the attractive design of the doll appealing to the taste of people, and high quality of manufacturing which includes, accurate and detailed reproduction of features of the doll, product that wears well over time and consistency in quality. I would like point out tat specific designs of the model such as changes in ethnic look are part of implementation of basic policy of designing the doll as per preferences of the customers rather than the basic policy. The designs of dolls have changed and multiplied over a period, but the policy of designing the doll according to tastes and preferences of customer has remained unchanged.

Given that the basic product was and appeals to the customers the most important contributor the success of Barbie doll business is giving the doll a well developed identity under the name of Barbie. The significance of this strategy becomes very clear when we realize that the only toy that may be more popular than Barbie Doll is the "Teddy Bear". Thought this is not toy marketed by a single company under proprietary brand name, it is definitely a toy with a very well developed identity. The strategy of giving Barbie doll has enabled the company to utilized very well the concept of product positioning to market the product.

Next most important business strategy appears to be introduction of accessories for the barbie doll. These accessories no only add to the total business volume of the company, but also enhance the value and image of the basic doll for the consumer. These accessories provide ways of playing with the basic doll in many additional ways. Also these accessories strengthen the image of Barbie Doll as a real person rather than just a toy.

Finally willingness to change and adapt to changing times has been a major contributor in the continued success of the company for extended period. As a matter of fact this is an essential requirement for continued success of any company over extended period. While I do not know all the changes that Barbie doll company has introduced in their business practices. But what can be seen very clearly is the positive approach they have adopted for redesigning the existing products and introducing new ones.