Which is the best innovation made in business in the year 2009?I wanted to know the innovation the business has carried out to sustain in the market and also i wanted to know the innovation process.

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't think it was any one piece of technology or item sold.  Rather, I think it was the collaborative efforts of businesses, communities, and governments to implement "Green Innovation and Initiatives." These initiatives may not have made much profits for the short-term, but they will be lauded as long-term solutions for all.

These efforts include efforts for:

  • Monitoring environmental consumption
  • Finding new renewable energy
  • Sustainable engineering and planning
  • Alternative and clean power
  • Recycling waste
  • Water purification and improvements in sewage treatment

An example is:

National Wind, LLC, announces today that it has received the 2009 Minnesota Environmental Initiative (MEI) Green Business and Environmental Management Award. The award recognizes National Wind’s business model of partnering with communities to build utility-scale wind farms. National Wind is currently developing twelve families of wind projects across the Midwest and Plains States. The company has more than 1000 landowner partners and over 1300 megawatts (MW) of locally-owned wind projects in development or operation in Minnesota alone.
krishna-agrawala | Student

I must disagree with the previous answer posted by Mstultz on several counts. First the green innovations and initiatives are not rally innovations at all. Then the efforts listed under this head concern more with technology rather than business. Finally, all these developments began much before the year 2009, and therefore do not qualify as innovations in the year 2009.

Frankly, speaking there i no mechanism to identify and evaluate business innovations so that the innovations taking place in a year can be listed and evaluated in less than just three months before the year is ought. It takes a few years for a good business innovation to prove its worth.

So I will not identify the best business innovation of the year 200. But I can say one thing that most of the innovations are taking place in business processes that make heavy use of information technology for functions such as buying and selling through the Internet. In recent years many new models of buying and selling have been developed using the Information technology, and many new models continue to be developed by thousands of company. It is most likely that some of these new models of business processes will, in due course of time, emerge as the some greatest innovations in business.