Which of Atticus' character traits do his children admire the most?

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Atticus is the novel's morally upright character who valiantly defends Tom Robinson against a prejudiced jury. Although Atticus has many admirable character traits, I feel that his children respect and appreciate his honesty the most. Atticus never lies to Jem and Scout and tries his best to explain situations, terms, and events as best he can to his children. Anytime his children ask him a question, Atticus responds truthfully. He tells his children his reasons for defending Tom Robinson and explains to them how to tolerantly deal with the prejudiced community members of Maycomb. When Scout questions him about words like "nigger," Atticus gives her a straightforward answer and elaborates on why it is a negative term. Anytime Jem feels unsure about something, like why Nathan Radley lied to him or the outcome of the Tom Robinson trial, he turns to Atticus who gives him a truthful answer. Atticus believes that it is his duty as a parent, to be honest with his children, and Jem and Scout appreciate having a father who will not lie to them. The rely on their father's honesty which positively impacts their moral development throughout the novel.

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