Which aspects of Reconstruction were unsuccessful?

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Although the era of Reconstruction helped to rejoin the southern states with North, it failed to have the lasting impact that was intended by many of the initiatives of the era.  The progressive laws that were to be put into place in the south were replaced by 'black codes' as soon as the northern troops left the south.  Furthermore, former Confederate leaders were able to regain public office in the south.  Southerners found ways to usurp rights of freed slaves in the south and northern whites got tired of advocating for rights for freed slaves. Thus, southern Confederates were able to hold a dominant position with regard to policy for freed slaves after Reconstruction even though the south lost the war.

In the beginning it was somewhat successful, in that many African-Americans were elected into political office, and even to Congress. But, what made the efforts fail was the blatant humiliation that the government placed on the white Southerners. From refusing to bury the dead...

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