Which aspects of A Room of One's Own connect Virginia Woolf to the feminist movement?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that Woolf's willingness to engage in a thought process that conceives of women as distinctly independent from patriarchy is what moves her work into a realm of feminist thought.  The reconfiguration of how women's creative talents have been viewed by the male establishment is of considerable depth in the work as it calls for a realm of equal opportunity and understanding in the need to conceive of a reality where women are able to possess the same creative talents as their male counterparts.  It is in this light that feminism and Woolf align very closely. Her engagement of history and analyzing it through the lens of gender bias and empowerment also helps to make the work quite feminist by establishing a pattern of male dominance at the cost of women's ascent to power.  Finally, Woolf's call for an end to male patriarchy that takes from women's sense of equal entitlement as well as the self-victimization that women undergo as a result of patriarchy is where Woolf's cries are echoed the loudest by feminist thinkers.  Feminism becomes an offensive on both fronts, changing the way men think about women and the way women think of themselves.

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