Which artists painted a bedroom?It is for a GCSE coursework topic of my world and i want to use bedrooms in it. I have already looked at Van Gogh\'s bedroom - are there any more?

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Few painters consciously focused on painting bedrooms per se. However, you'll find many portrayals of bedrooms as part of several other themes, themes that often are painted. One is sleep, especially portrayals of dreaming. Another is sexual themes. A third is scenes of death and dying; look for deathbed scenes.

You can see one of Rembrandt's bedside images here:

This is Claude Monet's painting of Camille Monet on her deathbed

This is Francisco De Zurbaran's painting of St. Bonaventura on his deathbed

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The first link contains a image of 'The Artist's Bedroom' by Egon Schiele

 The second link is to Gregor Schneider's "Dead House"

The third link is to Christopher Wood "nude boy in the bedroom" 

Also there are other artist with painted bedrooms you can look such as: Piet Mondrian, Velasquez, and Bacon. They all have painted their studio's before.

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Well, I am not sure exactly what you consider a bedroom scene but here are a few that came to mind. 

 Toulouse-Lautrec painted several bedroom scenes, particularly with lesbian lovers. 

Recently a piece by Picasso was found that includes a nude scene in a bedroom. 

A favorite of mine is "The Arnolfini Portrait" by Jan van Eyck.It depicts a recently married Renaissance couple in their bedroom.

A modern artist, Bill Brauker has a lovely piece titled "The Red Bedroom".

I hope that helps. :)


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