Which areas of Human Resource Management (HRM) do you think will be most affected by current and future trends?

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Artificial intelligence and other advances in information technology are increasing the transforming of many aspects of human resources management.

One of the most significant areas being impacted is hiring. Resumes and job applications are increasingly being submitted online and artificial intelligence or other types of software used to winnow out unsuitable applicants and create short lists for interviews. Robots powered by artificial intelligence may actually be used in conducting interviews. Many people argue that using software in the hiring process can eliminate racial and gender bias and result in a more fair and inclusive hiring process; although, others worry that biases may be programmed into machine learning scenarios.

Much of the process of managing benefits and payroll is increasingly being automated. It is a rare company now that writes out paychecks by hand or uses paper files to manage benefits. Payroll is increasingly becoming seamlessly automated, with paychecks being directly deposited in banking accounts, tax reporting automated, and employees able to log in to HR portals to manage many aspects of their own benefits and IRS paperwork. This is generally a positive change as it helps employees be active partners in tailoring their own retirement portfolios and other benefit packages and reducing the staff needed in HR departments for routine administrative tasks.

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The primary function of Human Resources and a Human Resources department are: 

  1. Employee administration
  2. Recruitment and talent management 
  3. Managing benefits and payroll
  4. Other administrative and management functions 

One of the areas of Human Resources that will be most effected by current and future trends is talent acquisition and management. The Reason being that technological innovation and changing trends in the workforce have made the traditional ways of recruiting outmoded. Human Resource departments will in the future need to manage a more globally diversified workforce and more employees that work remotely. These new realities will bring a lot of challenges and opportunities for HR administration and management. 

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