Which archetype is found in Aeneid? Epic hero, fallen angel, rescued princess, or faithful friend?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you decided to look hard,  you could find all of these in the Aeneid.  One of the most obvious is the epic hero, in this case Aeneas.  He doesn't fit some of the classical definitions of the epic hero, but much of the story revolves around the many ways that he does.  He confronts very difficult decisions, often being forced to weigh his own desires for his future against those of the gods and what they've tasked him with doing.  He learns a number of painful lessons along the way.

For example, one part of his epic quest, and one that many epic heroes have shared, is his journey to the underworld in book 6.  He visits Anchises and finally gets a clear vision of the future that is waiting for him, adding a clearer set of goals to his epic quest.

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