Discuss the animals who are skeptical of the actions of Napoleon and Snowball actions after Major dies in Animal Farm.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I had to pare down the question, but I tried to retain some of its original qualities.  This is the essence of Orwell's work.  I think that Orwell is trying to point out that it is the precise lack of significant and dissenting skepticism that causes the pigs to possess total power over the farm and its animals.  Orwell is not suggesting that individuals negate their government, but he is arguing that governments are not as effective or receptive unless there is a significant dose of skepticism and element of challenge from the body politic.  Napoleon and the pigs are able to use the loyalty to Clover and Boxer to their own benefit, to consolidate their own power over all.  The fact that there are not any animals who are willing to challenge the authority of the pigs in a way to ensure that government is honest and responsive to the needs of the farm is exactly why Orwell feels that the animals, to a certain extent, are responsible for their own predicament.