Which animal would be best suited to lead a group against Napoleon and the pigs? What qualities would this animal need to possess to do so?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In terms of animals on the farm, I think that Boxer, the horse, would be the best suited to lead a group against Napoleon and the pigs.  Boxer the horse holds an unbelievable amount of strength.  Orwell makes the argument that he is able to do the work of multiple animals.  His brute strength makes him ideal to lead a group of animals against Napoleon and the pigs.  When the dogs try to attack him, strength is evident as Boxer is able to fend them off with relative ease.

Along with strength, Boxer holds the respect of the other animals on the farm. The other animals show a great deal of deference towards Boxer.  At the opening of the story, when the other animals assemble to listen to Old Major's address, Boxer and Clover walk gently and gingerly so as to not step on the smaller animals and they provide shelter to these smaller creatures.  It is clear that the other animals respect Boxer.  With the combination of his strength and the good will he generates amongst the other animals, he could help mobilize them to action.

Boxer is seen as one who has no interest in anything but the farm's well being.  This quality along with his strength and respect from the other animals would make him best suited to lead a rebellion against Napoleon and the pigs.  The natural problem here is that Boxer lacks the intelligence to fully grasp the need for a revolution or change.  Yet, outside of this, I think that Boxer has the capacity and is best suited to lead a charge against Napoleon and the leadership of the pigs.

hi3 | Student

i think all secondary consumer can be the leader as long as the leaders are not enemies. most importantly, the other animals cannot be scared of the leader or they will run away so lion and tiger is not suitable.i think horse should be the leader as it is seldom angry.horse cannot be with leopard as leopard is a predator of horse.i think zebra and horse should be a perfect match as they both live on grasslands and they have good friendship and they do not attack each other and they are friendly to other animals as long as the others are friendly to them.i think it is a fair treatment.