In "Animal Farm, which animal does not take sides on the issue of the windmill and how would you describe this animal's attitude?

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Benjamin, the donkey, is the only animal who didn't take sides on the issue of building the windmill.  He didn't take sides because he saw both sides as no-win situations.  Snowball's side said that the windmill was needed to save themselves labor in the long run despite the immediate need for extreme amounts of labor with which to build the windmill.  Snowball maintained that once the windmill was built, after a year or more of very hard and continuous labor, it would allow them to only need to work three days a week.  Napoleon, on the other hand, maintained that the animals needed to increase food production.  He said that if they worked on the windmill instead of food production, they'd all starve.  Benjamin felt that either way, the animals on the farm would continue to suffer as they currently were. He didn't think that the windmill would ease their lives or their workload and he didn't think that increased food production would improve their lives.

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