Which amendment to the Constitution do you feel is being closely followed in today's society?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of the amendments to the Constitution are being followed 100% because they are simple and easy to enforce.  For example, the 22nd Amendment is "closely followed" because it makes very clear how many times a person can run for president.  No president has even tried to disobey this rule.

With regard to the amendments that are less clear, whether they are being "closely followed" today is a matter of political opinion.  For example, a moderate might feel the 2nd Amendment is being closely followed because people generally have the right to own guns.  A conservative might feel that the amendment is not being followed because there are restrictions on that general right.  You have to decide for yourself which is a more accurate perception.

The same goes for the 1st Amendment.  Do you think that the Supreme Court was right to allow the anti-gay protestors to protest at funerals for soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Do you believe that it was right to say that "super PACs" should be able to spend as much money as they want on campaign ads?  These are completely matters of opinion.

All of our amendments are being followed fairly well.  However, depending on your political point of view, you are likely to feel that some of them are being overextended or are not being followed enough.