Which are the 7 diseases that are talking about human nature?

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Many people say that all diseases arise due to nerves. Sometimes we think the truth of these words. However, these funny sayings about the cause of diseases can be treatment methods.

There are several directions in medicine which studies the influence of human psychology and the mind on physical health. Any disease, except infectious, is a result of emotional stress. Dissatisfaction, anger, guilt - these are negative emotions, which can cause disease. To avoid them, the person must put an end to things which torture and worry.

1) Myopia

People with myopia are uncertain for tomorrow, and their eyes are afraid to look at the distance. In order to regain lost skills, the person must regain confidence in herself, to work on her personal and  professional qualities, to highlight their authority, first in her eyes and, as a result, in the others eyes.

2) Hypermetropia

In people with hyper metropia, eyes afraid to look what is close around them. Perhaps the person appears to be surrounded only by problems and difficulties which can not be hidden. The problem is again related to confidence, the inability to solve problems that arise and, perhaps, the habit of making mountains of mole: problems often seem more difficult than they are in fact. If he finds confidence and resources to deal with everyday problems, however large they may be, they certainly will work by itself. Sometimes it may be necessary and some lifestyle changes.

3) Throat diseases

We show that we behave inappropriately towards people around us, often with close persons, and so we do bad. Improving attitude towards these people will lead to improved health problems.

4) Gynecological diseases

Showing dissatisfaction with sexual partners, reluctance or fear of sex. Often the reason for this may be a major stress. Out of this condition is necessary: changes in sexual relationship or even change the partner.

5) Headache, hypertension

These are signs of stress, high blood pressure to solve problems, accumulated fatigue, and a deep sense of pressure from another person. A patient suffering from such diseases, it is best to find a few days in which to rest: Full day of leisure in which to forget about problems and understand that it can overcome difficulties and can withstand pressure from outside.

6) Foot diseases

Are actually feeling that the person is unable to lead his own life, that someone hurts her , and did not allow it to live as she wants. It is good that the person to encourage and try to change her situation. Take her own live in her hands and find the positive side of changes already occurring.

7) Allergies

Time has proven that allergies may not occur only because of dust, food, plant and animal hair, but also because people or places where the allergic person does not like to sit.  Special attention should be paid to diseases of children, because children can not change the attitude to sayings, people and to themselves independently, yet, and why parents should help.

Most likely the disease will not automatically disappear once the nerves were put in order. But there is one truth - as soon as something changes in a person's life,she will be able to heal, thing which sometimes can not be done for many years,with medical remedies.

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