Where were the bad omens at the zoo?

Expert Answers
gkopf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are talking about The Pigman, there are three omens that the character Lorraine sees when she goes to the zoo with Mr. Pignati and John. Lorraine feels uneasy throughout the trip, beginning with an encounter with a rude peanut vendor. "That was the first omen. I should have left right on the spot."

Next, Lorraine is attacked by a peacock. "This low-IQ peacock came tearing after me as soon as it heard me open my bag of peanuts."  

Finally, at the Mammal House, they visit the bat exhibit.  Lorraine is troubled by a boy she sees there:

It was this child that I thought was an omen—a little kid about ten years old who was sitting right up on the railing and leaning against the glass of the bat cage. Only he wasn’t looking at the bats. He was looking at you when you came to look at the bats. And when I came up to the cage to see these ugly blood-sucking creatures, I had to look right into this little kid’s face that had a smirk on it. He made me feel as though I was a bat in a cage and he was on the outside looking in at me. It all made me very nervous. 

All these omens make Lorraine tense and exposed.