Where was technology frequently used during the Industrial Revolution? 

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During the Industrial Revolution, technology was used. It was used most often in factories, on farms, and in the area of transportation.

Factories began to use machines to make products. These machines helped to increase production. The machines made it easier and quicker to produce various items. The spinning jenny allowed factory workers to make clothes much faster. The increased production helped business owners increase profits.

Farmers used machines to help produce and harvest crops. The steel-tipped plow made it easier to plow the soil. The mechanical reaper made it easier to harvest crops. The seed drill allowed farmers to plant seeds deeper into the ground. The cotton gin made it easier to separate the seeds from the cotton. As a result, production of crops increased.

The steam engine helped improve transportation. The steam engine powered boats. This made it easier for people and for products to travel on water. The steam engine also helped the railroads grow. This made it easier to travel by land.

New forms of technology had a significant impact on our country and on the world.