Where was the Nazi prison located in The Silver Sword?

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The Nazi prison was located in Zakyna, south of Poland. This was brought out in the first chapter, where Joseph Balicki, a school teacher, turned Hitler’s picture to face the wall in his classroom. Due to his display of defiance he was taken to prison by the Nazis. The prison camp was located in the mountains and the area was extremely cold, placing all the prisoners at risk of death from the harsh conditions.

His imprisonment separated him from his family back in Warsaw, and in order to reunite with them he arranged his own escape from the prison. To achieve this, he quarreled with a guard and ended up in solitary confinement. While there he crafted a slingshot, which he used against the guard bringing him food. He obtained the keys for the cell, freed himself and bound the guard instead. To disguise himself, he dressed in the guard’s clothing and made it out of the prison camp.


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