Where was the narrator asked to come out of?

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The narrator is asked to come out of the bank vault.

In the story, the narrator is filled with anxiety about making financial transactions at the bank. He first approaches the manager, assuming that it is in his best interests to do so.

What the narrator wants to do is to open an account. However, his anxiety leads him to act in a furtive manner. As for the manager, he assumes that the narrator must be a detective of some sort.

When the narrator sits down with the manager, he informs the latter that he needs to deposit some money. Based on the narrator's secretive manner, the manager concludes that he must be dealing with a "Rothschild," or the son of a wealthy man. The narrator eventually sets the record straight: he has come to deposit what to him is a large sum—fifty-six dollars.

Upon hearing this, the manager drops his previously respectful demeanor. He opens the door of his office and loudly announces the narrator's intent to the accountant. As for the narrator, he stands up and promptly walks through the wrong door into the bank vault. In response, the manager coldly orders him to come out of the safe.

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