Where was Mollie during the battle?

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Mollie is the "foolish, pretty white mare" who drew Mr. Jones' trap and wore red ribbons in her mane. She's an animal very much concerned with creature comforts, whose first question to Snowball after the rebellion is whether she will still have sugar to eat. (She's told no.) Because she loves her material comforts, including sleeping in, Mollie can be a bit of shirker when it comes to pulling her weight on the farm. 

After their victory in the Battle of the Cowshed, the animals are greatly alarmed when they can't find Mollie, fearing the men have harmed her or taken her away. True to form, however, during the battle, Mollie, frightened at the first sound of gunshots, runs off and hides in a stall, where the other animals find her "with her head buried in the hay of a manger."

Not long afterwards, Mollie runs away to rejoin her master and pull a cart. She represents the person (or animal) with a bourgeois mindset caught in a revolution she doesn't understand and doesn't feel she benefits from.

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True to form, while all the other animals are fighting in the battle, Mollie is hiding to avoid being hurt.

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"Mollie was found hiding in her stall with her head buried among the hay in the manger".She had left when Farmer Jones fired the gun.

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