Where was jimmy set to go after he cracked the safe ?

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Jimmy's just been released early from prison after being sent there for safe-cracking. But no sooner is he out than he's up to his old tricks again. Jimmy's an expert safe-breaker; it's pretty much all he knows. Once back on the outside, he starts cutting a swathe through several banks in the Midwest. But after winding up in a small town called Elmore, Jimmy repents of his former life. He settles down as the proud owner of a shoe store, and becomes engaged to a young lady by the name of Annabel Adams, whose father owns a bank. Mr. Adams is very proud of his bank's new safe, which he shows off to his family. Unfortunately, a little girl gets trapped inside the bank vault. Jimmy has no choice but to show off his safe-breaking skills to rescue the child, which he does. This unexpected incident happens on the day when Jimmy was planning to go to a nearby town to buy some new clothes for his forthcoming wedding to Annabel.

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