Where was Michelangelo born and what city did he consider to be his true hometown? 

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Michelangelo was born in 1475, the second of five sons, in a small (and very beautiful, I might add) village in Tuscany called Caprese.  While this was the town of his birth, he spent most of his life, both as a child and an adult, in the city of Florence.  It was in this city that he would have his artistic coming of age, that he would be sponsored by the Medici Family, and where many of his best and most famous works were commissioned and completed.

Towards the end of his life, he spent more and more time in Rome, but this was mostly due to politics and an estrangement he had with the Medicis late in his life.  He never forgot his Florencian roots, though, and it was always his true hometown.