In Mexican Whiteboy, where was Danny's dad?

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jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Danny's father disappeared from his life a long time before the story takes place. His father is Mexican American, while his mother is white. Danny feels a sense of isolation and confusion because he does not know how to define himself—as white or as Mexican in origin. He attends a private school where he feels a shade darker than everyone else, but with his dad's family he feels very white. While Danny does not know why his dad left, he believes that his dad went back to Mexico because his son is part white. In reality, however, Danny's father is in prison. Danny eventually finds out that his dad has stayed away for so long because he is behind bars. Danny's father sends a scout to watch Danny play baseball so that someone can keep an eye on his son while he is away. It is clear that Danny's father has not forgotten about him while he is in jail. 

Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Danny is growing up in a suburb and going to a private school while he lives contentedly at home with his mother. His only problem is how to control his fast pitch so he can make the school baseball team. That summer he goes to visit relatives from his father's side of his family. During the course of the summer, Danny develops more and more questions to ask his dad. Here is a great complication, though, because Danny's Mexican dad and Caucasian mom split up, and his dad moved back to Mexico. If Danny can raise some cash, he may be able to find his dad in Mexico and learn how to tie his roots together in a bouquet.

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