Where was Daniel hidden in Hezron's house?  

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In Chapter 6 of the Bronze Bow, a Roman soldier disrespects Daniel while Daniel is drinking at a well. Daniel loses his temper and throws the bowl of water in the Roman soldier's face and begins to run away. The soldier manages to strike Daniel with his spear, injuring Daniel's ribs. Daniel flees and narrowly escapes the pursuing soldiers. He eventually makes his way to Hezron's house where Malthace meets him at the door. Thace tells him that Joel and Hezron will be home soon, so she hides Daniel in a closet. Malthace gives Daniel wine and nurses his wounds until Joel arrives. Joel is worried that a servant will open the closet and discover that Daniel is hiding in it. Joel mentions to Daniel that there is a narrow space between two walls in the house that he discovered as a child. Malthace and Joel drag Daniel on a mat into the passage between the two walls. The space is only two cubits wide, which is equivalent to three feet. Thacia gives Daniel sacks of grain for pillows and covering. Daniel spends five days and five nights in the small passage until he regains enough strength to leave Hezron's house.

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