Where does the vote stand at the beginning of Act 3 in the drama Twelve Angry Men? 

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rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of Act III of Twelve Angry Men, the men take an open vote. The split is even, with six voting guilty and six voting for acquittal. 

The first juror to vote for not guilty, Juror 8, finds himself alone against all the other jurors. The first juror to join him is the elderly gentleman, Juror 9, who is not necessarily convinced yet about the boy's innocence but wants to discuss it further. He also doesn't want to leave Juror 8 alone on one side of the fence. During Act II, one additional Juror comes over to the "not guilty" side. Juror 5, the young man who grew up in the slums, becomes convinced that the old man's testimony was inaccurate because he could not have heard the boy shout "I'm going to kill you" over the sounds of a passing el train. 

At the beginning of Act III, the jurors who have swung to the "not guilty" side are Jurors 2, 6, and 11--making the jury evenly divided regarding their verdict.

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