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UFOs or unidentified flying objects are a subject of mystery and fascination. Human beings have always wondered whether we are alone in the universe or there are intelligent life forms somewhere out there. This fascination has resulted in several stories and myths in different civilizations. For example, some civilization believed that we originated from aliens, while others used symbols or paintings of objects they could not classify. UFOs are those objects, that is something that we cannot classify among the flying objects that we relate to and many people believe them to be transport vehicles for aliens (non-Earth based entities). For example, an airplane that looks different from the airplanes we see everyday, can be termed a UFO. The people who study (or follow) UFOs are known as UFOlogists. Interestingly, several reported sightings of UFOs have been dismissed by governmental agencies as weather balloons or some turned out to be advanced air force projects, etc. There is no certified claim of a UFO sighting that has also been backed by a government. And hence, our search for the answer to the age-old (are we alone) is still continuing and until we know if aliens exist, we will not know where UFOs (if they exist) come from.

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