Where is this sentence in Romeo and Juliet, "Yes, perhaps today I will; indeed, I should have done it long ago"?Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

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This modern English sentence can be found nowhere in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This sentence is found, however, on a page located on an internet website of that has an activity in which students are to rewrite Elizabethan Age English as Modern English.  Following the sentences extracted from the play, is the one quoted above; however, unlike the others, the instructions for this sentence read that it should be translated into Elizabethan English, for the tag before it indicates, "Reverse Translation."

Therefore, the assignment on this sentence differs from the others; it is bonused since going from Modern English to Elizabethan is even more challenging.  Therefore, you may wish to isolate certain words that have Elizabethan synonyms provided on the side bar of this internet page.  For example, Yes can be changed to Aye; perhaps to perchance. The speaker may, then, say "Aye, perchance I shall go forwith....

As you work to finish this sentence, refer to passages in the play, noticing that often there is an inversion of phrasing from that of Modern English.  For instance, you may wish to invert the last clause, beginning with "long ago....."  Please refer to the etext here on Enotes (the second link) which gives a modern translation as you may find lines similar to the assigned one on the modern side that you can then look at the original sentence as a model.

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