Where are examples of fundamentalism in the novel?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the examples seen of Changez's fundamentalism have to be interpreted through the lens of Changez's narration.  We are not entirely certain of whether or not these acts constitute his fundamentalism because he is narrating them to us.  We are led to believe that Changez has struck a fundamentalist chord with his lectures at the university.  He is not lecturing and teaching his students a pro- business, pro- liberalization, pro- economic set of thoughts.  Changez suggests that his lectures have caused him to be labeled as "anti- American."  This would lead one to believe that he is articulating points of view that strike at the notion that what "the West" is doing is wrong and affirming a more orthodox view of the Middle East and religious sensibilities along with it.  His preaching of a pro- Pakistan platform, one that encourages Pakistan to be independent of foreign aid, has been told to us that it is fundamentalism in how it is perceived.  In these instances, one can see what Changez wants us to see in terms of his fundamentalist ideas.