Enemies: A Love Story

by Isaac Bashevis Singer

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Where are Tamara and Herman married?

Expert Answers

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Tamara and Herman are married in Warsaw. In the story, Tamara is Herman's first wife.

Both Herman and Tamara come from wealthy homes. Tamara's father, Reb Shachnah Luria is a lumber dealer and the co-owner of a glass business. Meanwhile, Herman is the only child of Reb Shmuel Leib Broder, a wealthy man who owns several homes in Tzivkev.

During Herman's youth, his father hired a rabbi to instruct him in matters concerning the Jewish religion. Herman's father also hired a Polish tutor to educate Herman in secular subjects. Both Herman's parents had high hopes for their son. Reb Shmuel had wanted his only son to become a modern rabbi, while his wife wanted Herman to become a doctor.

In the end, Herman disappointed both parents. After he passed his matriculation exams at nineteen, he went to Warsaw. There, he enrolled in the school of philosophy at the university. Shortly after, against the wishes of his parents, Herman married Tamara in Warsaw. Tamara was a student of biology at Wszechnica. The marriage was not a happy one, as Herman had never intended to marry.

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