Where does Susie say that an icicle is the perfect murder weapon?

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It's summertime in chapter 10 of The Lovely Bones. Ruth, Samuel, and Lindsay are attending the statewide Gifted Symposium, a retreat for bright children from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. In the last week of the symposium, a competition for the children is announced. The precise details of the competition have not been revealed, but the children know that it will involve the construction of a better mousetrap. However, at the last minute, there's a change of theme. Fliers posted all over the camp announce the competition's new title: "CAN YOU GET AWAY WITH CRIME? HOW TO COMMIT THE PERFECT MURDER."

Up in heaven, Susie and the other spirits regularly play a game based on this very theme. Susie always chooses an icicle as a murder weapon because it will quickly melt away once it's been used.

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