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Because Caucasia is a newer title, the study guide is still in development.  However, the first paragraph listed under the "Character" section is actually a summary of the novel, not a description of Birdie per se.  If you read the entire character section, you will get a general idea of what happens in the novel. 

Basically, the novel is about two sisters Birdie and Cole who are the children of a biracial couple Sandy and Deck.  The dilemma is that the two sisters are of different complexions:  Birdie is very fair which allows her to "pass" as white, while Cole is a darker shade of brown.  Their mother Sandy who is white has grown up very sheltered and her family pretty much disowns her when she marries Deck.  Sandy becomes involved in civil rights activities, but she never really understands the implications of the movement and her participation in it.  Later, Sandy allows people to store guns in her home and is found out by the authorities.  She must go into hiding and she takes Birdie with her, leaving Cole with Deck.  The two sisters grow apart as their parents drift apart, and neither parent really knows how to raise the daughters.  The girls do not understand who they are, and as they mature, they embark on journeys to reclaim their identity.

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