Where Is Sperm Produced

Where are sperms made in human?

Location of sperms and eggs in human?

versatilekamini | Student
The male reproductive system in man consists of primary sex organs,the testes,and a set of accessory sexual structures.Each of two testes in the adult male is an ovoid body.Both are located outside the body cavity within a skin covered pouch called the scrotum.The two principal functions of the testes are the formation of sperm cells by spermatogenesis and the production of male sex hormone,testosterone. The reproductive system of human female consists of two female gonads(the ovaries) which produce female gametes or egg cells,and associated ducts and structures.
krishna-agrawala | Student

Sperms are the male sex cells or gametes that unite with female sex cells, called egg cell or ovum, in a process called fertilization to start the process of development of an new baby. Sperms are produced in a pair of glands called testicles which has a complex system of tubes called seminiferous tubules. These glands are located in a pouch that hangs between two legs of males. The sperms passes from the testicles to epididymis. Further development takes place in sperms here for about next 12 days, and finally they are stored there itself. The sperms travel to the penis through tubes connecting testicles connecting testicles and penis. The sperms leave the body through penis.

The female sex cells or ovum are produced in female glands called ovaries.

mkcapen1 | Student

The human body is equipped with a reproductive system. Both male and female carry different parts essential for procreation.  The male's body generates sperm which is necessary for creation to occur. Sperm are produced in the male's testes.  The testes are located in the scrotum which is a sac that supports them. Testes normally descend before birth, but in instances when they don't, the risk of infertility is present.

The testicles are organs that are oval in shape and lie in the scrotum.  They are attached by the spermatic chord.  Most males are equipped with two of them.  In order for males to generate sperm they need the hormone testosterone, which is manufactured in the testes.  Sperm is produced inside the seminiferous tubules, which are coiled masses of tubes.

The female reproductive system is responsible for the release of eggs which are necessary for reproduction.  The eggs develop in the female and remain in the ovaries for the life cycle.  The female does not duplicate eggs throughout her life.  The eggs also age as the female ages and increasing the risk for a child of an older female to be at risk for a disorder at birth. The female body manufactures the hormone estrogen.  The female body also produces female sex cells called “ova.” Only around 400 of the cells will mature creating the eggs necessary for reproduction. 


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