Where is sin found in Chapters 18-24 in "The Scarlet Letter"?Please provide quotes and/or page numbers.

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although the ending of the novel sees some kind of penance for sin, there are still several examples of sin in Chapters 18-24. First, Dimmesdale is still planning to escape Boston with Hester and Pearl. He is not planning to explain his actions to his congregation, who will be shocked by his actions. In addition, when Dimmesdale does go to the scaffold, Chillingworth tries to get him to come down. He finally says, "Thou hast escaped me", meaning Chillingworth still is full of bitterness and hatred towards the minister. In fact, Hawthorne tells us that Chillingworth "shriveled-up" and died after Dimmesdale's confession because he had lost he reason for living.

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