Cloud Atlas

by David Mitchell

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Where is the ship Prophetess sailing towards in Cloud Atlas?

Expert Answers

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When the readers first meet Adam Ewing, he is in the South Pacific, spending a week on one of the islands. The ship he was aboard, the Prophetess, has been caught in a tempest and taken on damage. During the week, it will be repaired and return to sea. 

Adam Ewing's final destination is his home in San Francisco, but the ship will be making other stops, including Bethlehem Bay and Hawaii.   

Part 1 of this storyline ends while they are still aboard the ship, having left the unnamed island...

And Part 2 begins many pages later, with the sighting of land. They land in Bethlehem Bay, New Zealand, where the men from the Prophetess establish a trade route to San Francisco. Their stay here is short and they are soon back on board, sailing for Honolulu, Hawaii. 

At this point, Dr. Goose's poisoning of Adam Ewing has him near death, and he fears reaching never Hawaii, let alone his home in San Francisco. Thanks to the the former slave Autua, Ewing's life is saved and he is nursed back to health in Hawaii.

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