Where is the setting of "The Monkey's Paw"?

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sagetrieb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The time period of the story is the mid to late 19th century (it was written in 1902), during the high point of the British Raj, when India was Great Britain's prize colony, it's "jewel in the crown." The importance of this is that England in general and the much of the literature at the time made India seem to be a very exotic place where occurrences of things mysterious or supernatural were likely to take place.  Without these assumptions about India, the events of the story would lack  import, and without the story of India as "place" in the background, a sort of "sub-setting" to the setting of the White's house, the story would lack the mood it offers.

Rebecca Owens eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The entire story is set in the White's house, where Herbert White lives with his elderly parents.

Some incidents do occur outside the house, like Sergeant-Major Morris's exploits in India and Herbert's accident at work, but the reader sees only what occurs in the house and knows of these other things when they are told to people in the house.

Hope that helps.

Mrs. SO

s328169271 | Student

i'm not intirely sure,but the defenition of a setting is:

the time, the place, the social conditions, the weather and the characters.

the time is:                probably around the time it was written                                         which was: 1902

the place:                   lanburnam villa

the social conditions:   women were treated less respectfully than                                      men (at the time)

the weather:                 start's out rainy/wet and cold

the characters:           mrwhite, mrs.white, herbertwhite, sergeant-                                  major morris, lawyer from maw and meggins


michodaou | Student

In England, the Lanburnam villa.