Where is the savage reservation located ? Brave New World  by Aldous Huxley

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When Lenina and Bernard leave for the Reservation in New Mexico of the former United States, they depart from London and the Charing T Rocket Station, formerly Charing Crossing, the London railroad station, and take the Blue Pacific Rocket over New Orleans and then past a tornado in Texas. Finally, they spend a night in Santa Fe, New Mexico before going the next morning ona plane which a Reservation guard has landed on the roof of the hotel.  Ten minutes later they cross "the frontier that separated civilization from savagery."  Surrounding the reservation in Malpais is a high-voltage wire that prevents any person or animal from escape.

Ironically, the name Malpais is a combination of two Latin words: mal, which means bad and pais, like paix, or peace. On this reservation, the Indians do have a peace from the servitude of the New World, but it is a peace at the price of squalor and primitive ignorance. And, it is the malcontent, Bernard, who seeks a type of peace from his world where he has just learned that he is going to be sent to Iceland for his behavior.

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