Where in Romeo and Juliet are there references to the stars and fate? Specific quotes, not situations. All I can find are a couple from the prologue and a few other places, but I need about 12 others!!

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Prologue: Lines 4-6
This is the first instance that fate and the stars are aligned to reveal Romeo and Juliet’s destiny. These lines suggest that lover’s fate was decided before the two ever came into existence. The combination of “fatal loins” and “star crossed” gives the audience a sense that the destiny of these two lovers is beyond their mortal control. In fact the responsibility is placed is placed on the situational aspects that their families are in because the very loins that belong to the Capulets and Montagues are in fact lethal to any who are conceived by these parties.

Act 1 Scene 4: Lines 106-114
This section is Romeo ’s premonition concerning his up and coming death. Urge to go to the...

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