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where in the respiratory system is incoming air warmed ?

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The respiratory system alllows the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide and water vapor. The large air filled space above and behind the nose is responsible for warming incoming air to within one degree of body temperature and is known as the nasal cavity.The blood vessels within the nasal cavity and nose contain blood which releases heat and warms the air as it enters.  Air that is inhaled is also moistened due to the presence of mucus and any dust, germs and other particles are filtered by the nasal hairs as well as the microscopic cilia located in the nasal cavity. It is preferable and beneficial to breathe through the nose rather than the mouth, due to the fact that the filtering of particulates keeps them out of the respiratory tract.

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Whereis air moistened filtered and warmed

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nasal passages is the place in the respiratory tract where the air is warmed.

FUNCTIONS - they filter the air to remove potentially disease-causing particles; and they moisten and warm the air to protect the structures in the respiratory system.

♦ nasal passage contains many hairs inside it to trap the foreign particles their itself, it also secretes mucus which is released by goblet cells inside the nasal passage.