Where do Ray and Jerry go before they head to Chisholm, Minnesota?

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Shoeless Joe is a novel following narrator Ray Kinsella. He receives a number of mysterious messages throughout the novel, taking him on a miraculous baseball journey. Ray and Jerry (J. D. Salinger) are at Fenway Park in Boston prior to traveling to Chisholm, Minnesota. Ray had originally thought Jerry was a baseball connoisseur based on an article Ray had read that Jerry had written. As it turns out, the article was fake, and Jerry hadn't been to a baseball game in twenty-five years. Ray convinces Jerry to attend a game at Fenway Park with him. During the game, Ray receives another mysterious message from the scoreboard, telling him to "go the distance." This message has something to do with baseball player Moonlight Graham. This is what leads them to travel to Chisholm, Minnesota. They are traveling to Chisholm to discover any information on baseball player Archie "Moonlight" Graham.

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