Where is the significant quote in A Separate Peace that says "Wars are made instead by something evil in the human heart"?

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During a conversation between Gene and Brinker, Brinker mentions that his father's generation is responsible for causing the war that his generation is forced to fight. Gene mentions that he has heard Brinker's generational argument before, as well as Finny's conspiracy that wars are fought as an intense "practical joke" by wealthy men. However, Gene disagrees with both Brinker and Finny's assessment of why wars are waged. Gene says,

"I could never agree with either of them. It would have been comfortable, but I could not believe it. Because it seemed clear that wars were not made by generations and their special stupidities, but that wars were made instead by something ignorant in the human heart" (Knowles, 109).

Gene knows firsthand the intrinsic wickedness that each individual possesses. He...

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