Where are present day Lebanon, Isreal, and Jordan located?  

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The present-day countries of Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan are located on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Sometimes this area is referred to as the Near East, especially in the context of archaeological and historical studies. This area is bordered by the Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Red Sea to the South. To the north is the country of Turkey. To the east are Syria and Iraq, and as I mentioned before, the Mediterranean Sea is to the west.

The Ancient Near East (and the territories of Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan) is one of the cradles of civilization. Some of the first cities were built in this area, and the origins of agriculture began here with the domestication of wheat, barley, and millet. The foundational stories of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) also took place in this part of the world. Today, these nations are a hot-spot for religious travel and conflict.


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