Rabbit Hole Questions and Answers
by David Lindsay-Abaire

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Where does the point of attack begin in the play Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire?

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The point of attack in a play is a reference to the moment the play begins. There are essentially two types of points of attack. The first is the early point of attack, where events unfold organically, and we are able to witness the events as they happen. The second is the late point of attack, where the play begins after tumultuous events that occurred in the past.

In the late point of attack, the play begins long after the story begins. In Rabbit Hole, the point of attack is eight months after the death of Becca and Howie's four-year-old son, Danny. When the play begins, Becca is in conversation with Izzy, her sister. The sisters are quarreling, with Becca clearly angry at Izzy for engaging in a physical altercation with another woman at a bar. It eventually turns out that the woman had been upset when she discovered that her former boyfriend, Auggie, had gotten...

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