Where does the plane crash in Hatchet?

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel Hatchet, Brian Robeson's parents get a divorce, and he flies to visit his father, who is an engineer, in the Canadian oil fields. While Brian is flying from New York to Canada in a small bush plane, the pilot has a heart attack and dies mid-flight. Brian is forced to land the bush plane in the Canadian wilderness, somewhere in the Northwoods, where it crashes and sinks into a lake. Brian, who is not an experienced outdoorsman, is forced to brave the elements and survive in the uninhabited forest by himself. As the novel progresses, Brian learns where to find edible berries, masters the ability to hunt wild animals, and even builds a shelter to protect himself from the elements. Fortunately, Brian is able to adapt to his environment and survives in the Northwoods before being rescued.

tradl | Student

In the novel Hatchet, Brian is flying to the Canadian north woods from New York City to visit his father.  While in flight, the pilot of the plane has a heart attack and died.  Brian must then take over the controls of the plane.  He is able to crash-land plane somewhere in the Canadian woods, stranding Brian alone in the wilderness.  As the novel unfolds, Brian must learn to hunt and gather his own food, build shelter and other survivor skills.  Luckily, Brian is able to adapt and survive in the Canadian wilderness until being rescued.