The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

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Where is the owl mentioned in Wind in the Willows?

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Hello! The owl is mentioned in Chapter 8: Toad's Adventures. The owl mentioned is not a major or even minor character in the book. It seems to be an incidental character, a part of the setting in Toad's adventures.

When Toad manages to escape from the prison, he tries to take a train home, but realizes to his horror that he has left 'both coat and waistcoat behind him in his cell, and with them his pocket-book, money, keys, watch, matches, pencil-case...' Still in his washerwoman disguise, he tries to bribe the engine driver to let...

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The owl is mentioned on page 206 in the Wind in the Willows. The passage states that the toad eventually jumps off the train and runs into the woods. This is where we meet the owl. On page 206 it says, " An owl, swooping noiselessly towards him, brushed his shoulder with its wing, making him jump with the horrid certainty that it was a hand; then flitted off, moth-like, laughing its low ho! ho! ho; which Toad thought in very poor taste." This is where we meet the owl in the Wind in the Willows.