Where in Camus' The Stranger do characters try and make rational sense of Meursault's actions?

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In section I of Part Two, the police question Meursault and try--and apparently fail--to make rational sense of his statements. This is indicated when Meursault notes in his narrative that the magistrate, to whom the police take him next, “eyed [him] with distinct curiosity.” After this, Meursault is assigned a lawyer who begins to try to make rational sense of Meursault’s actions starting with the “charge of callousness” surrounding his behavior at his mother’s vigil and funeral. The lawyer is irritated and disgusted with Meursault, especially when in reply to whether...

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they try to make sense starting with the judge right after Meursaults arrest. the judge questions him, starting in the second part of the book. page 63, and throughout his trial, and at the end with the father in his cell. They all use religon and God to try and find remorse or even a hint of such. Although it is clear that he regrets what he did, He does not offer any sign that he is sorry or that he wishes that things had gone different, He has this whats the use additued.

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