Where does the narrator spend most of her time while Rolf is with Azucena?

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The narrator, Eva Luna, spends most of the time watching the action unfold on TV. Her lover Rolf is a documentary maker who's arrived on the scene of the earthquake to film the attempted rescue of a trapped little girl, Azucena. Together, they become the focal point for international news coverage, watched by millions at home, including Eva.

Eva's vantage point in front a TV screen is important because it gives her two different perspectives on the unfolding events. First, she sees things from the perspective of a TV viewer watching a drama with all its numerous twists and turns. Secondly, she's also emotionally invested in the story, not just because of the little girl's tragic plight, but also because the traumatic experience has revealed just how deeply Rolf has been affected by Azucena's terrible ordeal.

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