Where might I get the study guide for I am David by Anne Holm?

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Unfortunately, eNotes does not have a study guide for this great novel yet. However, I will try to help you with a basic summary of the book's message.

Having spent as long as he can remember living in the squalor of a prison camp somewhere in Eastern Europe, David grabs the opportunity to escape with the help of one of the prison guards. He takes with him little more than a compass, the clothes on his back, and advice that he should head to a country that is inferred to be Denmark.

The epic journey that ensues sees David have many adventures and misadventures, from rescuing a girl from a burning shed and subsequently spending time with her family to being forced to work for a farmer over the winter. After these—and many other adventures—David finds the best possible ending of all.

Themes in I am David include hope, redemption, war, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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