Where is metaphor used in "The Necklace"?

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A metaphor is a type of comparison, when you are using one thing to stand for something else.  There can be simple metaphors, such as a comparison within a sentence, and conceptual metaphors, where something has a bigger meaning.

For example, the necklace in this story is a metaphor for Mathilde’s pride.  Mathilde refused to go to the ball unless she had a necklace and dress worthy of her high opinion of herself.  This is why she borrowed a necklace from her friend. 

"It annoys me not to have a single piece of jewelry, not a single ornament, nothing to put on. I shall look poverty-stricken. I would almost rather not go at all."

In fact, she chose the flashiest one she could find.  Her friend guides her toward an appropriate and perfectly...

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