What is the main residence of Ben from Incident at Hawk's Hill?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ben's original home is with his family on Hawk's Hill, north of Winnipeg, Canada. His father William MacDonald moved there with his new bride to set up a farmstead, before civilization starts to encroach on the as-yet untouched land.

Twenty years ago it was, in 1850, that they had paused on this knoll and stood silently together... The stillness of the great prairieland had closed in around them, yet it was not quite a true silence, for always there was the faint swishing whisper of the breeze touching and rippling the knee-high grass.
(Eckert, Incident at Hawk's Hill, amazon.com)

He is successful and starts both a working farmstead and a family, the last of which is Ben, who is slightly autistic. Ben lives with his family and prefers the company of animals, with which he is better able to commune. The silence and emptiness of the prairie suits Ben fine, as he is not easily able to operate in civilization. Later in the story, Ben finds his second main residence, the warren of the great badger sow that helps him survive in the wild. Ben takes this warren as his second, perhaps more suited home, and becomes a surrogate badger pup for the sow; its own maternal instincts allow it to care for him as its own child. While Ben seems happy and comfortable in the warren, he is unable to eat enough for good health, and eventually he and the badger return to his father's farm on Hawk's Hill.

boo915 | Student

The main place Ben lives is at Hawk's Hill in Quebec, Canada.