Where is it made clear in the text - with a quote and/or page number - what caste Lenina is?

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ms-einstein eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Huxley’s carefully socially engineered civilization, the author leaves us guessing about where Lenina Crowne fits into this caste system. She seems to be a Beta, although Huxley never clearly answers the question. She clearly is part of the upper echelon of this orchestrated society. She works in the Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. Lenina is a highly desirable woman in this world, drawing the attention of the powerful men around her. However, she contradicts the social order by leading a somewhat monogamous relationship with Bernard. In a society where, sexually speaking, “everybody belongs to everybody else,” monogamy is a warning signal. Perhaps that is why Huxley fails to assign Lenina to a social strata. Although she has Beta leanings, her behavior and eventual intrigue with John the Savage demonstrate her lack of confined status.

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