Where is Lorraine's father in Paul Zindel's The Pigman?

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Lorraine's father is not in the story. He died six years before the events of the story take place. Lorraine doesn't even remember anything about her father, because Lorraine's mother legally separated from him right around the time of Lorraine's birth. The reason for the legal separation is because Lorraine's father had an extra-marital affair during the pregnancy and contracted a venereal disease of some kind. Lorraine's mother found out about all of this and filed for legal separation. The discovery was shocking to everybody involved, because Lorraine's parents had been childhood sweethearts. This information can be found in chapter 10, and it explains a lot about her mother's general hatred of men.

It must have been awful for her when she found out about him. She never talks about him now—just how awful men are in general. She’s what the psychologists call fixated on the subject.

Lorraine's mother simply hasn't ever gotten over the awful end to her marriage. She is incapable of viewing men differently than she views her former husband.

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Lorraine's mother got a legal separation from her father about the time she was born. Sadly, if that wasn't bad enough, her father died when Lorraine was nine. Lorraine explains it as follows:

"I never have to worry about finding my father there (at home) because he left fifteen years ago when they got a legal separation, and then he died six years ago, which made it a more permanent separation" (50).

The whole situation is depressing because Lorraine grew up learning about what happened between her mother and father about twice a year as her mother rehashed the story. Basically, while her mother was pregnant with Lorraine, the doctor tells her mother not to let her husband touch her until his "disease" is cured. The disease is never specified, but one might wonder if it wasn't an STD because her mother soon discovered that her father had a girlfriend on the side. Now Lorraine must also suffer the effects of her mother's grief and bitterness because it seems like her mother never recovered from it all.

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