Where is the location of Kit's mother's birth and death? Where is the location of Rachel Wood's birth and death? Where was Kit born?

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Both Kit's mother (Margaret) and Kit's Aunt Rachel (the sister of Margaret) were born in England. However, these sisters took very different paths in life: Margaret moved to Barbados, giving birth to Kit there, while Rachel married Matthew and went to live in a Puritan colony in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Margaret died in Barbados, leaving Kit to be raised by her wealthy grandfather, Sir Francis Tyler, who--unlike the Puritans--was loyal to King Charles I and to the Church of England. After Sir Francis died, Kit made the difficult decision to leave behind her life of luxury and to join her Aunt and Uncle in Wethersfield. Although this resulted in her facing many difficult circumstances--including accusations of being a witch--Kit managed to overcome them.

As a final note: at the end of the novel, Aunt Rachel is still alive, but it is safe to assume that when she does die, it will be in her community in Connecticut.

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It was common for people to be born in England and die in a colony. Kit's mother was born in England, but went to Barbados where she died. Rachel was also born in England, but traveled to the colony in Connecticut. Unless she went back to England, she likely would die there. Kit was born in Barbados, not England. She came to Connecticut when her grandfather died. He was born in Englad too.
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Kits Family

Where was the location of Kits mothers birth and death.

Where was the location of Rachel Woods Birth and death.

Where was Kit born?

Rachel and Kit's mother were both born in England. Kit's mother died in Barbados. Rachel is still alive at the end of the novel. Kit was born in Barbados, and lived with her grandfather after the death of her parents.